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    This is a grassroots campaign and every little effort goes a long way. Let us know what you can do.

    Do you have any legal experience? The less time the Legal Team spends researching means more time in the courtroom. Are you popular on social media? Sign up to help educate your family and friends about why voters should come first, not parties.


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  • signed Sign the Petition 2016-10-13 19:49:13 -0700
    Systematically, the parties made the primary election THE most important stage of the overall election process through a combination of clever redistricting and careful rewriting of state election laws.

    As a result, when the November general election comes around, voter’s choices of candidates on the ballot have been pre-determined and “legitimized” by the very few partisans who voted in their party’s primary.

    In many states, this means if you are a registered independent or unaffiliated you’ve had absolutely no voice in choosing who appears on the general election ballot. As a result, often times less than 5% of the electorate is actually deciding who represents 100% of that district or state.

    That makes no sense.

    Elections should serve people. Not parties.

    Equally as concerning is that we are conducting our public election process for the private benefit of two increasingly unrepresentative parties.

    SIGN the Petition today

    Elections Should be for People, Not Parties

    743 signatures

    Help Stop The Funding Of Private Party Primaries With Our Public Tax Dollars!

    When we get 5,000 voters from a given state, we will do a complete legal analysis on the viability of filing a lawsuit in that state

    No Taxation Without Representation

    In 2012 taxpayers paid over $100 million for party conventions, plus another $400 million to fund private primary elections. You pay for these private party expenses even if you aren't allowed to vote!

    To the Major Parties, You Don't Matter

    Over 90% of elections are decided during primaries, but because of restrictive elections laws only 10% of people participate. You should not have to join a party to exercise your right to vote.

    Parties Monopolized Control of Elections

    Both parties have abused the legal system to keep non-partisan voters from participating in primary elections. Party-appointed judges have shaped court precedent to protect party interests.

    How Do You Take Back Control?

    IVP, on behalf of New Jersey voters from across the political spectrum, has filed a lawsuit currently in the Federal Third Circuit Court of appeals defending the fundamental right to a meaningful vote.

    If you believe that elections should be held for people, not private political parties then please take 30 seconds to sign the petition today!

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  • signed Local Chapters via 2017-03-04 18:15:07 -0800
    Whereas: American voters are increasingly disenfranchised by a level of partisanship that unnecessarily divides voters.

    Whereas: Over 52% of millennials (aged 18-30) do not identify as members of a political party.

    Whereas: Over 95% of elections are ‘decided’ during the primary stage of the election.

    I agree that:

    (1) The right to vote is fundamental.

    (2) The right to vote cannot be abridged by a requirement to join any organization, including a political party.

    (3) Public funds should not be used to subsidize activities of political parties that abridge a voter’s right to meaningful participation in the election process.

    Therefore: I demand that our elected officials’ responsibility is to represent people, not political parties.

    By signing this petition, I voice the need for my local, state, and national governments to address the growing demands of Americans who feel disenfranchised by their system.

    Join the movement.

    IVP Local Chapter Program

    The IVP San Diego Chapter is the first localized effort to create a student-run campaign embodying the principles and ideals of the Independent Voter Project, or IVP.


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    The IVP San Diego Chapter Program is the first localized effort to create a student-run campaign embodying the principles and ideals of the Independent Voter Project, or IVP.

    IVP Chapter Programs are run by students who are frustrated with the partisan nature of our political process. Our mission is to foster a community of young independent-minded leaders who will promote the basic principle that our elected officials should represent people first, not political parties.

    Our electoral process and our media outlets have divided the population along partisan lines; those who don’t fit within the lines get left out. IVP San Diego Chapter Program aims to create a space for otherwise disenfranchised voters to participate in meaningful dialogue and work towards nonpartisan solutions.

    Our Mission: 

    IVP San Diego Chapter Program aims to provide students with the resources they need to spread awareness of nonpartisan voter rights and build a political infrastructure for nonpartisan, independent-minded discussions.



    IVP San Diego Chapter Program begins with the fundamentals of advocacy through an annual Leadership in Action: People Over Parties training program. Upon completion of the program, students will be equipped with new media campaigning skills. These skills are to be used to establish groups on school campuses in San Diego; for example, IVP Campus: CSU San Marcos.

    All IVP Campus groups will work to educate community members about IVP’s mission statement. Putting into practice newly learned Advocacy to Action campaign techniques, students will ask community members to support IVP’s cause by either signing a petition or becoming a fellow member. Each IVP Chapter Program will then have the freedom to address issues relevant to their schools and their communities, so long as they abide by IVP’s principles and promote The Etiquette.


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