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For one annual payment of $50 you can help IVP realize the principle that elections should serve people, not parties.

Your IVP Non Partisan Member Kit:

  • An Awake T-Shirt*
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  • Exclusive Quarterly Reports on IVP Projects
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Your Membership Directly Funds These Important Projects:

  • A Platform for unfiltered political news from independent-minded authors, bound by a simple etiquette. 
  • National Legal Strategy The first organized effort to demand the right every voter have a equal and meaningful vote at every stage of the election process, regardless of political affiliation or non affiliation. 
  • IVP Conferences Non-Partisan substantive discussions on critical issues facing our communities. 
  • IVP Chapter Localized effort to create a student-run campaign that foster a community of independent-minded leaders. 



  *Free t-shirts will be distributed when we reach our goal of 500 active members



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