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Bill Bloomfield to LA Times: Top-Two Is Not the Death of the GOP

In a response to an opinion piece published in the LA Times, essentially blaming top-two for the decline of the California Republican Party and California’s move to a one-party state, businessman and former independent congressional candidate Bill Bloomfield wrote a letter to the editor over the weekend, explaining that top-two is not to blame for the death of the California GOP; the Republican Party is responsible for its own demise:

"To the editor: Larry N. Gerston is correct that our state is heading toward one-party rule, but his diagnosis of the cause — the top-two election system — couldn’t be more wrong. The top-two reform is doing exactly what was intended: ensuring that all voters have a say in who represents them despite the political parties’ best efforts to keep people focused on the party, not the person. (“Top-two reform tilts California toward one-party rule,” Opinion, Oct. 5)"

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