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County Offices Should All Be Nonpartisan

Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer proposes, among other initiatives, that all public offices in the county should be nonpartisan.


Municipal offices, school board and judicial offices are public-trust offices elected by the voters to be served on a nonpartisan basis.

Does the sheriff’s office really have to be partisan?

Won’t the Democratic sheriff enforce the law equally upon Republicans, Democrats and minor-party and no-party-affiliated voters?

Don’t you think the supervisor of elections should run elections in a fair, impartial and nonpartisan fashion?

Doesn’t the appraiser have to be honest, prudent and fair to all property owners, irrespective of the owner’s political persuasion?

Will the tax collector collect fewer taxes from the Republicans than he does from members of the green party?

All these offices are public offices, and they belong to and are accountable to all the people, voters and nonvoters. They do not belong to private political parties.

It is past time for our public offices to be filled with citizens all the people vote for and not just the half that vote in the primary for the political parties’ choices.

Political parties are still free to back and campaign for whomever they want, just as any club may, but the offices are for and by the people. All the people.

This article was originally published on March 9 in the Orlando Sentinal by Choice Edwards Clermont of

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