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Dr. Lanhee Chen Speaks at 2015 Business and Leadership Policy Conference

The Independent Voter Project‘s 2015 Business and Leadership Policy Conference, an annual event with lawmakers, business professionals, and policy experts, kicked off Monday with a presentation from Dr. Lanhee Chen, Director of Domestic Policy Studies at Stanford University and Lecturer in Public Policy Program.

Dr. Chen focused on innovations in the health care market, something he says is often overlooked when we discuss the current state of health care in the U.S. Most of the time, discussions tend to revolve around costs, and people tend to forget how far the market — especially the domestic market — has come at treating common health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

“We have the most innovative health care system in the world,” Dr. Chen remarked.

He stated that between 1986 and 2001, 40 percent of increases to life expectancy came from health care innovations. Since then, that number has increased to 73 percent.

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