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Key to Fostering a Real Discussion on Important Issues is Nonpartisan Environment

The Independent Voter Project (IVP) hosted its 2015 Business and Leadership Policy Conference at the Fairmont Hotel in Maui. The conference brought together California lawmakers from both political parties, industry professionals, and policy experts to discuss issues that greatly affect lawmakers, businesses, and state residents.

IVP has taken heat from the press for holding this annual conference in Hawaii, which they argue is away from the public’s eye and media scrutiny. The LA Times, for example, ran a piece on November 3, which said that this “was an opportunity [for lawmakers] to spend time with representatives of special interests on the golf course and at poolside.”

However, Dan Howle, co-chair of IVP and the event’s organizer, says that this conference gets policymakers away from the political pressures of the California capitol and a media culture that demonizes any collaboration between lawmakers and industry leaders.

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