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Get the Facts About The State by State Legal Strategy

We are thrilled and encouraged by the enthusiasm and momentum for this ambitious and growing pursuit!

As you start to talk to your networks about the legal strategy we thought it may be useful to have a simple explanation of what we’re doing, why and some facts about the organization and our next steps.


1. The right to a meaningful vote is fundamental.

2. The right to vote cannot be abridged by a requirement to join any organization.

3. Public funds should not be used to subsidize activities of political parties that abridge a voter’s right to meaningful participation in the election process.

The legal strategy will not advocate for a particular election system. Rather, the strategy will encourage the legislatures and reform efforts in each state to craft systems that comport with the strategies' principles.

Further, the strategy recognizes the right of political parties to conduct privately funded nomination and endorsement proceedings. The state, however, has an obligation to ensure that any voter who chooses not to participate in such privately funded elections has an alternative state-funded mechanism whereby he or she may cast an equally meaningful vote.


We have prepared a national, state-by-state legal strategy that challenges the Constitutionality of private partisan primary systems that deny Americans of their fundamental right to a meaningful vote. The first lawsuit will be filed in March.

This legal strategy will be paired with a public education strategy and a grassroots organizing effort. That’s where you come in.


The legal strategy is not about ending political parties.  It is about making elected representatives accountable to every voter regardless of their party allegiance or independence.

We are not an ideological organization. The purpose of the legal strategy is to fight for the rights of all individual voters, not to advocate for specific policy positions or legislative remedies.


Our elected officials need to be more accountable to more voters. Because of party-rigged election rules, gerrymandered majority-party districts, and the exclusion of independents from participating in primaries, 95% of elections are decided during primary elections.

Fewer than 8% of registered voters participate in primaries. And, in a majority of states, voters are required to join one of the major parties in order to vote in the primary. As a result, many elected officials are accountable only to an incredibly small, highly-partisan base of voters.

No wonder a paralyzed, hyper-partisan Congress can’t get along or get anything done.

The legal strategy is about making politicians accountable to all voters in their districts – not just a vocal, partisan minority.

The success of the the legal strategy hinges on a dual strategy of a solid legal plan coupled with on-the-ground, grassroots advocacy and education that explains why this is needed reform and recruits millions of underserved voters to join the cause.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll share more exciting information about our strategy and state-by-state tactics.

In the meantime, we invite you to sign up for more information so we can stay in touch, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and re-tweet us to your friends and followers to help spread the word.


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