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Independent Voter Project Applauds SCOTUS Ruling in AZ Redistricting Case

Steve Peace and Jeff Marston, co-chairs of the Independent Voter Project, issued a statement today in response to the Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona redistricting commission case:

"The Independent Voter Project applauds today's Supreme Court decision, which upheld the constitutionality of Arizona's redistricting commission and confirmed that political power flows from the People.

At a time when gerrymandering has resulted in excessive partisanship, division, and as a consequence, voter apathy, the Court today upheld a principle that unfortunately cannot be taken for granted: elections serve people, and not parties.

Today, many states have legislatures that are not representative of the People themselves. These unrepresentative bodies, in most states, draw the district lines to benefit their partisan self-interest. This has the effect of compounding a legislature's unrepresentative nature by transferring the meaningful stage of the election from the public general election to private party primaries.

California and Arizona voters have enacted voter initiatives to combat the power of party-controlled legislatures to rig the system. California has gone further in taking away the parties' right to control the taxpayer-funded primary elections altogether.

The decision from the Supreme Court today lays the foundation for the People to demand the nonpartisan and equal representation that our Constitution demands and the health of our democracy necessitates."


The Independent Voter Project is the national nonprofit organization that wrote California's landmark top-two primary election reform and is a leading national voice and organizer of legal, legislative and citizen initiatives that elevate the rights and role of individual voters in elections above those of political parties.

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