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Independent Voter Project Talks Voting Rights on NBC7

On Sunday, March 22, the Independent Voter Project, represented by Chad Peace, discussed the current lawsuit before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the constitutionality of the closed primary system in New Jersey during the political segment, Politically Speaking, on NBC7 in San Diego.

“When the state gets involved in conducting an election process, it should serve the people, and it should be a system that is designed to get representatives that best represent everyone,” Peace says. “So really the argument comes down to … did New Jersey set up a system that gives two political parties and their members a decided advantage over the rest of the general electorate.”

On Tuesday, March 17, a three-judge panel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania heard oral argument in the case, Balsam, et al. v. Guadagno (Secretary of State of New Jersey). A coalition of individual plaintiffs and nonpartisan organizations, including the Independent Voter Project, asserts that the fundamental concept of equal representation and “one person, one vote” applies to all elections — including primary elections.

“In New Jersey’s case, only half of voters are registered Democrat or Republican; the rest have said they don’t want to join a party,” Peace adds. “Our question for the court was, shouldn’t our election process be designed to give everyone an equal and meaningful vote?”

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