Independent Voter Project

Independent Voter Project Speaks to L.A. Students about Bridging the Political Divide

The Independent Voter Project was honored to have been invited to speak to Los Angeles area junior and high school students at the Converge event on Saturday, October 29th. The event was a day-long seminar put on by Bridge the Divide, and it aimed to provide junior and high school students the tools they need to try to close the gaps in our divided political landscape. Keynote speakers included actor Emmy Rossum and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. 

IVP attorney and legal strategist Chad Peace emphasized the importance of including independent and unaffiliated voters in the political process and showed a video (accessible here) that illustrated how the two major political parties have rigged the system to maintain control. Other presenters included political consultant Mark McKinnon from No Labels, along with representatives of many other reform organizations, including Bridge Alliance, Project On Government Oversight, Future 500, and Centrist Project.

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