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IVP Discusses SCOTUS Redistricting Case on Politically Speaking

IVP Co-Chair Jeff Marston and counsel Chad Peace went on Politically Speaking with Gene Cubbison on NBC 7 to discuss the implications surrounding an impending Supreme Court hearing.

The Supreme Court is set to hear an Arizona case that may invalidate the citizen's created Independent Redistricting Commission.

A reversal of the lower court's decision may return the power of drawing district lines back to party leaders as opposed to the people.

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  • Matthew Wosk
    commented 2015-01-24 12:08:10 -0800 · Flag
    I could not agree more, it does feels like “political parties are shuffling the chairs around” with gerrymandering. Luckily with leaders taking action liking Chad Peace and Jeff Marston more and more people who are waking up to the reality of the disconnect in representation, will know how to be involved (: Way to continue the dialogue!