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IVP Appeals N.J. Court Decision that Only Democrats and Republicans Have Right to Vote

On Monday, November 3, the legal team filed an appellant brief with the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals in New Jersey.

It maintains the argument that the current primary system in the state grants the Republican and Democratic parties a monopoly over the election process while denying 47 percent of the electorate equal and meaningful access to the voting process:

“Appellants have not asked this court (and did not ask the lower court) to issue a decision that would require political parties to allow non-party members to access their Candidate Nomination Proceedings. Rather, Appellants have proceeded from the premise that the State cannot fund, administer, and sanction an integral stage of its election process that excludes a near majority of all registered voters.” – Plaintiffs’ appellant brief

The plaintiffs, who include registered Republicans, Democrats, as well as unaffiliated voters, filed the lawsuit in March in the U.S. District Court in Newark, demanding that every voter, regardless of party affiliation (or lack thereof), be guaranteed equal and meaningful access to all integral stages of the election process. Though primary elections are pivotal in electing candidates, nearly half of New Jersey voters are denied access to them, giving the major parties — two private organizations — an unfair advantage in elections.

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