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IVP Files to Remove 50% Plus 1 Primary Rule in San Diego

The Independent Voter Project (IVP), authors of California’s top-two nonpartisan primary, filed a proposed amendment to the San Diego City Charter to remove the rule allowing a candidate to be elected if they receive over 50% of the vote in a primary election. IVP is requesting this be placed by the City Council on the November general election ballot.

Titled, “Right to Vote in the General Election Act,” the City Charter change would allow the top-two primary finishers to advance to the general election, regardless of the first place finisher’s vote total.

IVP’s core belief is that democracy works best when the most people participate. It is on that core belief that IVP has led efforts nationwide to improve the democratic process and in doing so, realized it needn’t look further than its own backyard, the city of San Diego, for a democracy-destroying and establishment-protecting election law.

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