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IVP Showcases 'Other Side' Documentary

The Business and Leadership Policy Conference hosted annually by the Independent Voter Project in Maui, Hawaii, exists to bring legislators, policy advocates, and industry professionals together to exchange ideas and have substantive discussions on the greatest issues affecting California lawmakers, businesses, and state residents.

Though the discussion tends to focus on California, legislators and business professionals from other states are invited to share and learn. Legislators who attend the conference every year include both Republicans and Democrats and their goal is simple: work together to figure out what the best solutions are for California and their constituents.

So there may be no better venue to showcase Joe McGovern’s documentary, “The Other Side: A liberal democrat explores conservative America,” a film co-produced by IVN (co-published by the Independent Voter Project) and its 501(c)(3) co-publisher, the Foundation for Independent Voter Education (FIVE).

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