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Letter of Support for San Diego County Top-Two Primary Bill, AB 901

Dear Chairman Berman,

As a lifelong resident of San Diego and a founding member of Independent Voter Project (IVP), I have been asked to share my support, and that of IVP, for Assembly Bill 901, which seeks to ensure that Board of Supervisor candidates are selected in the general election when the most people vote.

San Diego is one of the most geographically, ethnically, and politically diverse counties in California, and it is important that our electoral process maximizes the participation of all San Diegans. AB 901 would allow the San Diego electorate the ability to amend the county charter to allow San Diego county to require November elections for county supervisor races even when a candidate gets over 50% in the June primary election.

Past election statistics have demonstrated that as many as twice the number of registered voters in San Diego County participate in the general election versus the primary:

  • 2012 voter turnout - 37.43% in the primary, 76.98% in the general election
  • 2014 voter turnout - 27.23% in the primary, 44.76% in the general election
  • 2016 voter turnout - 50.94% in the primary, 81.48% in the general election

We at the Independent Voter Project believe democracy functions best when the most voters participate, and as the above statistics illustrate, that is clearly at the general election in November.

IVP is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to better informing voters about important public policy issues and encouraging nonpartisan voters to participate in the electoral process. IVP authored California’s nonpartisan “top-two” primary (Proposition 14) in 2010 and the City of San Diego’s Measure K in 2016.

The Independent Voter Project urges your support of this bill.


Steve Peace

Independent Voter Project

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