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Natural News Radio With Robert Scott Bell

Robert Scott Bell from Natural News Radio hosted a discussion with Independent Voter Project's legal strategist, Chad Peace, this week.

 img-robertscottbell-e1395278493881.jpgDid you know that over 90% of elections are decided during primaries, but because of restrictive elections laws only 10% of people participate. Is it any wonder why Congress has a record low 10% approval rating? You should not have to join a party to exercise your right to vote. Chad Peace joined from the Independent Voter Project.

1) They believe that the right to vote is fundamental and that means…

Fighting for the rights of all Americans whether they are in a political party or not to have full access to the political process. Of course, the Republican and Democratic parties would have no problem with that at face value. Both parties would say they believe in the fundamental right to vote. And they want involvement of every American in the process.

2) The Legal Strategy asserts the right to vote cannot be abridged by a requirement to join any organization.

What things, what kinds of actions can we take that will get independent voters equal opportunity and equal access to the ballot as partisan voters?

That second point is very important. Across the nation, both Republicans and Democrats have closed primaries meaning that you must be a registered voter within their party to be allowed to vote in a primary.


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