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No Taxation Without Representation

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Help Stop The Funding Of Private Party Primaries With Our Public Tax Dollars!

No Taxation Without Representation

In 2012 taxpayers paid over $100 million for party conventions, plus another $400 million to fund private primary elections. You pay for these private party expenses even if you aren't allowed to vote!

To the Major Parties, You Don't Matter

Over 90% of elections are decided during primaries, but because of restrictive elections laws only 10% of people participate. You should not have to join a party to exercise your right to vote.

Parties Monopolized Control of Elections

Both parties have abused the legal system to keep non-partisan voters from participating in primary elections. Party-appointed judges have shaped court precedent to protect party interests.

How Do You Take Back Control?

IVP, on behalf of New Jersey voters from across the political spectrum, has filed a lawsuit currently in the Federal Third Circuit Court of appeals defending the fundamental right to a meaningful vote.

If you believe that elections should be held for people, not private political parties then please take 30 seconds to petition your legislators today!