Independent Voter Project

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The Independent Voter Project and announce the formation of a new coalition,

The coalition will bring together organizations from across the political spectrum for the exclusive purpose of ending party control of our elections and protecting the voting rights of all voters.

“Every elected representative’s first obligation should be to people … not to political parties.” -

Since Watergate, the dominant approach towards political reform has focused on campaign finance.  This approach has failed to improve our politics because it does not challenge the systemic hyper-partisanship that is the inevitable byproduct of the partisan election systems.


The two dominant political parties have worked together for decades, in courtrooms and in state legislatures, to manipulate election laws to protect the power of partisan insiders at the expense of individual voters.

Over 90% of elections in America are decided in low turnout primaries. This disenfranchises independent voters and encourages politicians to ignore the broader public interest in favor of narrow, entrenched partisan interests.

End supports Nonpartisan Open Primaries.

The coalition will focus on legal and political strategies designed to challenge laws, customs and practices that place the rights of political organizations above the rights of individual voters.

 img-principles.png coalition is the first organized effort to defend and promote the principle that every voter is entitled to an equal right of meaningful participation in the election process, whether or not they chose to affiliate with a political party.