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San Diego Says NO To Special Election: Win For Independent Voter Project

San Diego, CALIF. – Respecting the will of voters logged a big win in San Diego this week, and the Independent Voter Project is proud that its sponsorship of Measure L played an integral role in the discussion.

In a 5-4 vote, the San Diego City Council made a powerful statement in denying the request by Mayor Kevin Faulconer to put two measures before voters for a costly special election this November, when far fewer voters will be participating.

The City Council members who voted against the special election focused largely on the fact that the will of the 66% of voters who expressed support for Measure L — which allows the City Council to schedule a special election only for special circumstances — mattered more than the special interests who wanted a low turnout election where it would be easier to skew turnout, and public discussion is not as focused on policy matters.

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