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What is worse than partisanship?

This election year for Congress, I get to choose between one of two Republicans thanks to the "open" primary system. I live in California and would see an end to this "open" primary which only allows for the top two candidates to move forward to the general election. Does this seem more democratic to you? Is this what you had in mind when promoting open primaries; effectively limiting everyone's vote in the general elections? I would see a lawsuit to end this infringement on my right to vote in the general elections. As you have spearheaded this movement, you should step up and end this limiting and infringing reality to the vote. You made this mess; accept responsibility and fix it. Unless, this was your goal all along; to make sure the people's right to vote was limited. It certainly is working out in favor of the Republicans in my district. In others the Democrats. It, however, is not working for the people or the integrity of our election system.

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